2017 Freshers’ Fayre

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2017 Freshers’ Fayre

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On Tuesday the students held a Freshers’ Fair to promote the extra curricular activities that will be happening this year. The activities present were Dodgeball, Benchball, Duke of Edinburgh, Rugby, Fitness Suite, Hoola Hoop Club, MAT club, Art club, Netball, STEM Club, Swimming, Basketball, Homework Club, School Band, Dance Group, Table Tennis, French Club, Girls Football, Choir, Film Club, Debating club, Photography Club, Taekwondo, String Ensemble, Chess Club, Minecraft, ICT club, Urdd Club, Quadcopter racing club, Readathon, Writing competitions and Theatre visits. Surely there is something there to get involved with!  There as also a suggestions box, so keep an eye out for new clubs and activities.

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