The greater the attendance a student has, the greater the achievement.
Students with a high level of school attendance are more likely to benefit from education, achieve better examination results and are less likely to miss out on the multitude of experiences that Ysgol Clywedog provides.


On the first day of your child’s absence you must contact the absence line:
Call 01978 346800

Please leave a message stating your child’s name, tutor group and reason for absence. Please call on every day of your child’s absence unless you know your child is going to be off for more than one day. In this case please state the length of absence on your first call.

Research on Attendance

Research suggests that 17 missed school days a year = one level GCSE grade drop in achievement.
At Ysgol Clywedog every student should aim for 100% attendance. If it drops below 96% attendance, it becomes a concern.

Full attendance leads to the best educational outcomes – please give your child the best chance and make sure they are in school every day.

Rewarding Attendance

Ysgol Clywedog and Subway have joined forces to encourage pupils to aim for high attendance figures.

There are many reasons why children don’t attend school, including illness, family responsibilities, to avoid bullying or simply because they don’t want to be there. While some reasons are more difficult to solve than others it is hoped that rewarding those who achieve 100% attendance, or those whose attendance improves in the face of very difficult circumstances, will mean that attendance rates will improve and that young people are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Each child who misses a certain amount of school is given an Attendance Improvement Plan which, after speaking with both the pupil and their parents, looks at their reasons for missing school.

Those pupils who then improve are recognised, but at Ysgol Clywedog the Education Social Work Service decided that they deserved more recognition and they looked to local businesses for their help.

Letters were sent out asking for support and positive replies started to come in as companies like Travis Perkins, Subway and Morrisons got on board to offer prizes. Glyndwr University offered a flight simulation and tickets to an event of choice which was a prize held back until the end of the year to award to the most improved.

Julie Mayos, family support and attendance officer, who spearheaded this scheme at Ysgol Clywedog, said: ‘I felt that the effort made by many pupils required more than just a ‘well done’ letter. So, I am really pleased to have these companies on board and to be able to offer something to those pupils who deserve to be rewarded for coming to school, sometimes despite very difficult situations and through no fault of their own. If this proves successful we hope to continue it beyond this school year.’

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