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Important January exam information

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Wednesday 8th January 2020

English Literature GCSE Unit 1 (AM, lesson one)

Please ensure you are waiting outside the Hall by 8.45am

Thursday 9th – Tuesday 14th January 2020

BTEC exams – all exams are in the Reflection Room

Thursday 9th – Thursday 16th January 2020

Science GCSE Practical Exams – check your timetables

Monday 20th January 2020

Science GCSE Practical Exam (written part) (AM, lesson one)

Please ensure you are waiting outside the Hall by 8.45am 

Science GCSE Practical Exam (written part) (PM, lesson four)

Please ensure you are waiting outside the Hall by 12.55pm 

You must remind yourself of the examination rules which are attached to this email. Details can also be found on the school website.  

Please note: It is important to arrive early to all exams. Do Not leave it until the Exam day to check seating plans.

Seating plans for English Literature GCSE  and BTEC are displayed on the noticeboard NOW.

If you have any issues either before the exam day or on the day of the exams then please contact me as soon as possible: elen.weston@clywedog.org  or 01978346802 and ask for the Exams Officer.


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School’s Improvement Plans Are On Track

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Following the publication of our latest inspection report, our headteacher, Mr Matt Vickery, has praised staff, students and parents for their hard work, commitment and support since he took up the post three years ago and says he is confident that improvement plans are on the right track.

Matt Vickery, said: “Over the last two years, a significant number of changes at Ysgol Clywedog have had a positive impact within the school, and we are pleased that Estyn has recognised these changes, and the conditions for improvement which they have created.

“I am disappointed however, that the school has been placed in special measures at this point. It is a shame that the inspection team was not allowed to report on our much improved 2019 summer results due to the results awaiting official verification. Those results were a reflection of all the hard work that the students and staff have put in during this time of change. We know the inspectors feel we need to improve in some areas, and I can assure students, staff and parents/guardians that we will continue work hard to meet and exceed everyone’s expectations.

“Estyn has made six recommendations to the school.  Several changes to address these points have already been put in place, but have not yet had time to have an impact on overall GCSE outcomes.

“There are many positive comments within the report, especially regarding our students’ wellbeing and attitudes to learning, as well as the care, support and guidance the school provides.  Our inclusive and caring ethos was praised, and the report was complimentary about the wide range of opportunities available to our students to develop their personal and social skills, both in school and in the wider community, which is important preparation for life beyond school.

“We are working hard to achieve improvements in teaching, and in the past year, we have concentrated on lesson planning which has led to a greater level of consistency.  We must also ensure that our teachers have high expectations of our students and, equally, that we develop confident, aspirational learners.  As part of our plans, we are developing strategies to improve teacher feedback so that it is more effective in helping students with their progress.”

“I was pleased that the report acknowledged the variety of opportunities we facilitate for more able and talented students to extend their learning experiences, and our excellent support for students with special educational needs (SEN).”

The report paid tribute to the school’s leadership and vision, noting that they have “raised staff morale and gained the confidence of the local community,” and it also stated that “the governing body provides constructive and valuable support for the school.”

Mr Vickery added: “We are looking forward to improved GCSE results again next year for Year 11 and then again the year after for Year 10, but this is only one aspect of the school.  We will continue to strive to give all our students the very best all-round education, and to maintaining the caring and stimulating environment which makes our children feel safe, happy to be here, and keen to learn.

Phil Wynn, Chair of Governors, said: “It is important to state that this report does not change the direction of our improvement – it merely increases its pace. Nor does it change our ambition to ‘Be the best’ and see all of our students develop the skills and knowledge during their time at Ysgol Clywedog, which ensures they progress to their choice of further education or work-based training.”

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An enjoyable trip to Chester University

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When we first got there we were surprised by how modern and technically advanced it was, We thought it would be old and rundown. We were then taken to a lecture hall and met up with other schools, the lady came and explained to us what Chester University is like. She then expanded on it by telling us the expectations, what courses you could take and the job opportunities it could open up. We were then sorted into groups and taken into separate rooms to do the activities. Our group were doing job detective work where we had to look at photos and find out what job corresponds with it.

We then went on a campus tour and saw dorms and houses for university students to live. The tour guides told us about the different types of housing arrangements there were available. Later we went to the campus library and we were shown the different aspects to the library such as the 24 hour area where you can work anytime of the day or night, the group area where you can do group work without bothering anyone and last there was a solo working area where you may go to just work by yourself to do a class project or do research. Next the tour guides showed us the sports facilities and places on campus that you can go get some lunch. Most of us were intrigued by how many different halls they had for sports because we were not really expecting it to be as big.

After we went back to the lecture room and we had to analyse a can of Coke and see what we could find that was an opinion and what was a fact. For example one of the things the can said was that it is best served chilled this is an opinion because some people may like it served warm which is unlikely but it is still an opinion not a fact.

Lastly all of the groups came in to the lecture room and were allowed to ask some of the students questions, for example about what it is like in university and what courses they are taking, just so we could get a feel of what it will/would be like if we go to university.

We enjoyed this trip to Chester University and would recommend it for people who are picking what university they want to go to because it is such a great university and we hope that people enjoy it as much as we did on our day there.

By Emily Mapfumo and Masie Lawson.

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Thanks to the Eco-Action Taskforce at Ysgol Clywedog 250 trees have been planted in the school grounds as part of the Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback.

It’s part of a project that’s already running at the school which is aiming to create an outdoor learning space, woodland and allotment.

Head of Geography, Nicholas Brown, said: “It was a huge effort by everyone to plant 250 trees but it will be worth it. The young people are very keen to improve the environment in which we live and learn and we are always keen to support their aspirations. I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the planting which will be appreciated by generations to come.”

Head of Environment and Technical at Wrexham Council, Darren Williams, said: “Everyone is to be commended for their commitment to improving their natural environment. The trees should mature over time to provide an extremely beautiful environment for people to enjoy and ecologically diverse habitat for wildlife.”

The trees were supplied by the Woodland Trust and the Oak trees from Mitego Coffee in Chester.

The tree planting was the final activity done by the school’s Eco-Action Taskforce to achieve their Gold level ‘Green Trees School Award’.

Treemendous effort by Ysgol Clywedog Pupils, Staff and Parents

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