Religious Education is a core subject and is taught up to and inclusive of Y11. RE at Ysgol Clywedog aims to encourage students to understand that Religious Education is everywhere and has some relevance wherever you look. RE is not just about holy books. Students learn about and tackle real life issues. There aren’t many subjects that allow students to form and express their own opinions and get marks for it.

Religious Education is a subject that gets you asking why:
• Why do people believe that?
• Why do people act like that?
• Why does the media show people like that?
• Why do other people react like that?

The department consists of:
• Mrs Clare Peers – Subject Leader
• Mrs Helen Hughes – RE Teacher and Associate Assistant Headteacher
• Mrs Gill Williams – RE Teacher and SENCO
• Mrs Mary Kane – RE Teacher and Subject Leader PSE

At Ysgol Clywedog we feel it very important that students gain a broad background of the six main world religions. Learning and understanding the all six world religions at KS3 helps students gain a good understanding to the topics in KS4.

We use a range of resources to deliver the curriculum such as textbooks, power point presentations, internet, artefacts, displays and an extensive video collection that enliven the lessons for the students.

In KS4 all students will study RE Full Course.

RE is a very successful subject.  The topics covered in the course are linked and relevant to today’s society. Students follow eight units of work in years 10 and 11.

In Year 10 students will follow Religion and Life Issues which units include:

Unit Content
Unit 1: Relationships Love, Marriage and Divorce
Unit 2 : Is it fair? Prejudice, Responsibilty, Wealth, Justice and Equality
Unit 3: Looking for Meaning God, Life and Death
Unit 4 : Our World Creation, Our Place, Environment and Animal Rights

In Year 11 students will follow Religion and Human Experience, which units include:

Unit Content
Unit 1 : Religion and Conflict War, Violence and Peace
Unit 2: Religion and Medicine Medical Ethics, Sanctity of Life (Abortion, Genetics, Transplants)
Unit 3 : Religious Expression Expressing Faith ( Pilgrimage, Experience)
Unit 4 : Authority – Religion and State Law, Society, Crime and Punishment

All students will sit two exams which are 1hour 45 minutes each. The first exam will be sat in year 10 and the second in Year 11.

Is it Fair? Revision

Our World Revision

Looking for Meaning & Relationships


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