Leadership Team

Mr M Vickery              Headteacher

Mrs M Cookson          Deputy Headteacher

Mrs H Hughes             Assistant Headteacher Behaviour and Attendance

Mrs L Hope                 Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning

Mrs A Francis              Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning

Mrs E Williamson       Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning



Mrs D Laing                 Headteacher’s / Deputy Headteacher’s PA / Personnel Manager

Mrs L Mitchell            Finance Manager

Mrs C Jones                Resources Manager

Mrs A Davies              Admin Assistant/Finance

Mrs M Williams          Attendance officer/Reception



Mrs E Williamson                   Subject Leader

Mrs H McGreary                     Teacher


Cover Supervisors

Mrs C Davies

Miss A Jones



Mrs B Williams                       Data Manager

Mrs E Weston                         Examinations Officer



Mrs A Francis                         Head of Technologies

Mrs H McGreary                    Deputy Head of Technologies

Mr N Rutherford                   Teacher/Head of Year

Mrs J Brown                           Teacher

Mr P Stone                              Teacher

Mr N Clark                              Technology Technician



Mr S Witherden                     Subject Leader



Mrs C Hughes                         Subject Leader

Mrs L Reynolds                       Assistant Subject Leader

Miss S Harrison                      Teacher

Mrs R Griffiths                        Teacher

Mr K Jones                              Teacher/Assistant Head of KS3

Mrs D Jones                            Teacher

Mrs V Schmitt                         Teacher



Mrs C Buckett                         Head of History

Mr G Edwards                        Teacher/Head of Year



Mr N Brown                            Head of Geography

Mr D Owen                             Teacher



Mrs K Forrester                      Subject Leader

Mr H Taylor                            Deputy Subject Leader

Mrs A Owen                            Teacher/Assistant Head of KS4

Mr D Brown                            Teacher/Head of Year

Mr T Martin                            Teacher/Head of Year

Mr D Gibbons                         Teacher


Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs C Temple                         Subject Leader

Miss N Pashley                       Teacher



M Howell                                Network Manager

D Marin                                   Network Technician



Mr J Porter                              Subject Leader


Physical Education

Mr S Whitehall                       Subject Leader

Mrs J Attwood                        Teacher/Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator

Mrs H Roberts                        Teacher

Mr G Wilson                           Teacher/Head of Year

Mr L Clamp                             Swimming Pool Manager



Mrs M Kane                            Subject Leader



Mrs C Peers                            Subject Leader

Mrs H Hughes                         Assistant Headteacher/Teacher



Mrs M Flanagan                     Subject Leader

Mrs L Wilde                            Deputy Subject Leader

Mrs L Hope                             Assistant Headteacher/Science

Mr D McDonnell                     Teacher

Mr P McArdle                         Teacher

Miss L Davidson                     Teacher

Mrs T Rogers                          Technician



Mrs H Roberts                        Subject Leader

Mrs J Brown                            Deputy Subject Leader



Mrs S Pritchard                       Subject Leader

Miss L Roberts                        Teacher


Student support

Mr T Dickinson                      Behaviour Manager/Student Support

Mrs C Lewis                            Behaviour Support Assistant/Internal Exclusion

Mrs D Dodd                            Behaviour Support Assistant/Student Support

Mrs M Jones                           Behaviour Support Assistant/Student Support

Mr K Melville                          Behaviour Support Assistant/Student Support

Mrs C Taylor                           Family Engagement Officer

Mrs E Cochrane                      Librarian


Y Bwthyn

Mr N Snaith                            Onsite Inclusion Centre Teacher

Mrs M Jones                           Onsite Inclusion Centre Attainment Tutor


ALP (Additional Learning Provision)

Mrs G Williams                       SENCo

Mrs C Griffiths                        Learning Resource Provision

Mrs D Roberts                        Social Anxiety Resource Provision

Mrs S Davies                           Attainment Tutor Lead – KS4

Mrs T Harden                         Attainment Tutor Lead – KS3

Mrs S Morris                           Resource Provision Attainment Tutor – Social Anxiety RP

Mr J Hayes                              Resource Provision Attainment Tutor – Social Anxiety RP

Mrs K Griffiths                       Attainment Tutor Lead – External Agencies

Mrs K Witherden                    Resource Provision Attainment Tutor – Learning RP

Mrs S LaRoche                        Attainment Tutor Lead – ASD, S&L and Communication

Mrs J Thomas                         Classroom Attainment Tutor

Mrs T Coppell                         Classroom Attainment Tutor

Mrs C Cunningham                Classroom Attainment Tutor

Mrs H Gibson                         Classroom Attainment Tutor


Site Management & Cleaning

Mr P Flanagan                        Site Manager/H & S

Mr A Dean                              Site Supervisor

Mrs L Laing                             Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs B Jones                            Cleaning Team

Mrs J Jones                             Cleaning Team

Mrs T Mazzarella                   Cleaning Team

Mrs J Messham                      Cleaning Team

Mrs S Povey                            Cleaning Team

Mrs T Pugh                             Cleaning Team

Mrs S Pugh                              Cleaning Team

Mrs D Shaw                            Cleaning Team




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