May 2021: Specialist Classrooms – 4th May Onwards

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May 2021: Specialist Classrooms – 4th May Onwards

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented a great number of challenges to us and the whole education community. We have had a fantastic restart to the new term with all the students respecting the circumstances we all find ourselves in.

It is recognised that returning to the physical school site, was difficult for some students and staff who will have experienced a range of challenges during the last few months. However, the whole school population has been amazing, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support as we reopened the whole school.

As we move into May, we are increasing students’ access to specialist classrooms. We have had this arrangement in place for key stage 4 classes since the October half-term and May 2021 is the right time for key stage 3 students to be able to access a wide range of resources to support their education. The approach continues to be underpinned by the latest understanding of the science available to Welsh Government. Therefore, should this change then the school will adapt accordingly, in line with local authority and Welsh Government advice.