Department Staff

Mrs E Williamson – Subject Leader

Miss Abbygail Lewis – Teacher

Key stage 3 Art and Design

In years 7, 8 and 9 pupils are taught in mixed ability groups. Pupils receive one lesson per week.

During year 7 students will develop skills in pencil and colour work, concentrating on tone.  Students will study the work of Jasper Johns, Vincent Scarpace and a variety of Welsh artists.

During year 8 students will develop observation drawing skills.  They will design and use 3D techniques to construct and decorate a Carnival mask.  Students will also study the work of Gaudi and Hundertwasser where they will design and paint an imaginary city.

During year 9 students will concentrate on developing portrait drawing skills.  They will study the use of pattern and colour by the psychedelic artists and create a psychedelic style portrait.  Students will also study Natural Forms and will experiment with a range of drawing styles and techniques.

Key stage 4 GCSE Art and Design

Pupils who choose to study Art and design at GCSE receive two lessons per week.

The course is made up of 2 components. The portfolio which is completed in year 10 and the first term of year 11, this counts for 60% of the final grade. The Externally set task (exam) counts for the remaining 40%. The exam is made up of a preparation period which is usually around 6 weeks and the ten hour practical exam.

During the GCSE course pupils work on a wide variety of themes and have the opportunity to experience a range of topics, materials and techniques.