What is PSE?

PSE prepares learners to be personally and socially effective by providing learning experiences in which they can develop and apply skills, explore personal attitudes and values, and acquire appropriate knowledge and understanding.

PSE comprises all that a school or college undertakes to support and promote the personal and social development and well-being of its learners.

Specifically the aims of PSE are to:

• develop learners’ self-esteem and a sense of personal responsibility
• promote self-respect, respect for others and celebrate diversity
• equip learners to live safe, healthy lives
• prepare learners for the choices and opportunities of lifelong learning
• empower learners to participate in their schools and communities as active responsible citizens locally, nationally and globally
• foster positive attitudes and behaviour towards the principles of sustainable development and global citizenship
• prepare learners for the challenges, choices and responsibilities of work and adult life.

All pupils have a discreet one hour lesson of PSE per fortnight. At key stage 3 a varied range of topics/themes taken from the framework are covered. Pupils at key stage 4 work towards achieving a short course GCSE in PSE.

Recognising learner achievement

There is no statutory requirement for end of key stage assessment in PSE. However, the progress individuals make in PSE across the curriculum and their contributions to the general life of the school is recognised and acknowledged. This helps learners to value what they are learning and the skills they are developing.

Making judgements about pupil achievement in PSE does not require formal tests. Pupils are given opportunities to reflect upon their experiences, discuss their own perceptions of their learning and progress, consider strengths and areas for development and set targets for improvement. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their progress and self-assessment plays a prominent part.

Outside agencies

A number of outside agencies support and complement the teaching of PSE they include: Healthy Schools Team, Interchange, (drug and alcohol) School’s Liaison Officer, Youth Offending Team, Inspire (mental health).