Leadership Team

Mr A Otero – HeadteacherLeadership & Vision

Mrs M Cookson – Deputy HeadteacherCurriculum & Outcomes

Mrs D Jones – Assistant Headteacher – Safeguarding / ALNCO

Ms L Hope – Assistant Headteacher – Attendance & PDG

Mrs A Francis – Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour & Attitudes to Learning

Mrs E Williamson – Assistant Headteacher – Teaching & Learning, Quality Assurance

Mrs J Leach – Business Manager


Miss K Stacey – Headteacher’s PA

Mrs J Leach – Business Manager

Mrs J Claybrook – Resources Manager

Mrs A Davies – Admin Assistant / Finance

Mrs C Davies – Attendance officer / Reception

Ms J Thomas/ Ms M Williams – Receptionist

Miss L Blake – Admin / ALN

Miss S Brown – Admin / Pastoral

Expressive Art


Mrs E Williamson – Subject Leader

Ms S Hanson – Art Teacher


Mr S Witherden – Head of Drama


Mr J Porter – Subject Leader

Miss B Wilmington – Teacher of Music

Cover Supervisors

Mrs C Lewis – Cover Supervisor


Data Manager

Mrs L Tagg – Data Manager

Exams and Cover Manager

Mrs R Ap Gwyn – Exams & Cover Manager

Science and Technology

Mrs M Flanagan – Head of Science

Mrs L Douglas – Deputy Head of Science

Ms L Hope – Science Teacher / Assistant Headteacher

Mr P McArdle – Science Teacher

Mr D Anthony – Science Teacher

Mrs K Morris – Science Technician

Design and Technology

Mrs H McGreary – Head of Technology

Miss J Brown – Technology Teacher / Deputy Head of Technology

Mr P Stone – Technology Teacher

Mr O Manford – Technology Technician

Mrs S Davies – Technology Technician

ICT and Business

Mr N Rutherford – Head of ICT and Business

Miss A Jones – ICT Teacher / Assistant Headteacher

Language, Literacy and Communications


Mrs C Hughes – Head of English

TBC – English Teacher / Assistant Head of English

Mr K Jones  – English Teacher / Head of Year 8

TBC – English Teacher

Mrs R Griffiths – English Teacher

Mrs D Jones – English Teacher / ALNCo

Mrs A Talbot-Jones – English Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs C Temple – Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Miss N Pashley – Modern Foreign Languages Teacher


Mrs S Pritchard – Head of Welsh

Mr C Evans – Welsh Teacher



Mr N Brown – Head of Geography

Mr D Owen – Geography Teacher


Miss C Buckett – Head of History

Mr G Edwards – History Teacher / Head of Year 9

Religious Studies

TBC- Head of Religious Studies

Mr M Jones – Religious Studies Teacher with Skills

Mathematics and Numeracy

Mrs C Minshull – Head of Mathematics

TBC –Deputy Head of Mathematics

Mrs A Owens – Mathematics Teacher / Assistant Head of Year

Mr D Brown – Mathematics Teacher / Head of Year 10

Mr T Martin –Mathematics Teacher / Head of Year 11

Mr J Cooledge – Mathematics Teacher / Head of Year 7


Mr M Howell – Network Manager

Health and Wellbeing

Physical Education

Miss J Attwood – Head of Physical Education / Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator

Mrs H Roberts-  Physical Education Teacher / Head of Skills

Mr G Wilson – Physical Education Teacher

Mr L Clamp – Swimming Pool Manager


Miss D Garnett – Personal and Social Education Teacher

Student support

Mrs D Plimley – Assistant Pastoral Lead

Mrs D Dodd – Assistant Pastoral Lead

Miss J Mayos – Assistant Pastoral Lead

Mrs C Trueman – Assistant Pastoral Lead

Mrs C Evans – Assistant Pastoral Lead


Mrs A Turner – Thrive Adolescent Practitioners

Miss S La Roche – Thrive Adolescent Practitioners


Mrs E Cochrane – Librarian

ALP (Additional Learning Provision)

Mrs D Jones – ALNCo / Designated Safeguarding Person

Mrs C Griffiths – Learning Resource Provision

Mr D Fisher – Inclusion Teacher – Social Anxiety Resource Provision

Mr N Snaith – Onsite Inclusion Centre Teacher

Miss A Jones – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person

Mrs T Harden – Teaching Assistant – ASD, S&L and Communication

Miss L Hughes – HLTA – On Site Inclusion Centre (OSIC)

Miss C Hodgson – Teaching Assistant – ALN

Mrs E Hunt – Resource Provision Teaching Assistant

Miss L Phillips – Teaching Assistant – ALN

Mr D Allan – Resource Provision Teaching Assistant – Social Anxiety RP

Mrs J Darmont – Resource Provision Teaching Assistant – Social Anxiety RP

Mrs C Cunningham – Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Gibson – Teaching Assistant

TBC – Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Amiri – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Evans – Teaching Assistant

Site Management & Cleaning

Mr P Flanagan – Site Manager / Health & Safety

Mr C Long – Site Supervisor

Mrs S Pugh – Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs B Jones – Cleaning Team

Mrs J Jones – Cleaning Team

Mrs T Mazzarella – Cleaning Team

Mrs J Messham – Cleaning Team

Mrs S Hughes – Cleaning Team

Mrs T Hughes – Cleaning Team

Mrs H Siyak – Cleaning Team

Mr D Allen – Cleaning Team