Mrs C. Temple (Subject Leader)

Miss N Pashley

Currently, all pupils study French at Key Stage 3.  Our curriculum is based on developing a good understanding of the structures and vocabulary needed to be able to understand and use French in everyday situations.

Year 7

  • Nouns and adjectives in French
  • Key verbs: avoir (to have); être (to be); habiter (to live)
  • Basic sentence structures and how to build up different types of sentence
  • Topics covered include: introductions, classroom equipment, numbers, colours, pets, describing people, describing a house, telling the time, ordering snacks in a café, expressing simple opinions.

Year 8

  • Verb patterns
  • Talking about events in the past, present and future
  • Extending sentences / forming more complex sentences
  • Topics covered include: school subjects, expressing opinions and giving reasons, making and responding to invitations, clothes for different events, free-time activities and holidays

Year 9

In year 9 we revise the skills and structures covered in years 7 and 8, but we move towards a topic-based course. Topics include: areas of France; family, house and home life; town; healthy lifestyles; youth culture (fashion, pocket-money, friendships…). 

Pupils are encouraged to explore the language needed for each topic and then to apply it to a context of their own choice that relates directly to their own interests and/or experiences. 

During the year 9 course, pupils start to develop a more independent approach to the work, which helps to prepare them for the requirements of the GCSE courses offered in year 10.