Technologies Faculty

There are 5 members of staff in the ICT and Technology departments forming the Technologies Faculty. They are Assistant Headteacher and Faculty Leader Mrs A Francis, 2nd in Technologies Faculty, Mrs H McGreary, Mr N Rutherford, Ms J Brown and Mrs P Stone.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

We believe that ALL students should develop the skills and knowledge to be proficient and effective users of ICT.  They will develop much needed skills to enable them to make use of ICT today and in their future careers.

The ICT department has 3 ICT suites comprising of 30 pupil’s PC’s to enable all students to develop their ICT skills.  Pupils learn to use a variety of software applications to prepare them for the future e.g. G-Suite, Microsoft Office, Serif suite, Scratch and Kodu. Pupils also have access to other technologies such as iPads and VR kit to use in lessons.


All pupils have discreet lessons ICT in KS3. They will further develop their creativity and design skills in Year 7 using programmes such as, desk top publishing, word processing, presentation software, spreadsheets and modelling, E-Safety including cyberbullying and social networking, data handling, file management, E-mail, animation and basic programming.

As they move through key stage 3 they will improve their advanced skills and be introduced to web design, multimedia quizzes, animations, graphics etc.  Students will also learn of the impact ICT has on society and their every day life, including how to stay safe using the internet and social media.  They will also further develop their skills in computer programming.


Pupils currently follow the WJEC ICT GCSE qualification which is 60% controlled assessment and 40% examination. Pupils study the following units:

Unit 1 – Understanding ICT – Examined
Unit 2 – Solving Problems with ICT – Controlled Assessment
Unit 3 – ICT in Organisations – Examined
Unit 4 – Developing Multimedia ICT Solutions –Controlled Assessmentv