Mrs C Buckett (Subject Leader)

Mr G Edwards

Why should we study history?
There are many different reasons to study history, as it is a fantastic combination of all the other school subjects. There are many arguments over the importance of history, and these still go on today.

In brief, the major arguments for studying history are as follows:

  • History helps you discover how your world evolved.
  • History helps you develop the skills to look beyond the headlines, to ask questions properly, and to express your own opinions.
  • History trains your mind and teaches you how to think and process information.
  • History students are rounded individuals who develop an understanding of both past and present.
  • The pursuit of historical events and people is fun – a form of time travel.
  • History helps you make sense of most other subjects.
  • A lack of historical knowledge prevents people from truly understanding the world they live in.
  • History helps you understand the origins of modern political and social problems.
  • History lets you learn how and why people behaved as they did, whether they are Elizabeth I, Hitler or John Lennon…
  • History makes you appreciate that people in the past were not just ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but motivated in complex and inconsistent ways, just like us.
  • History provides you with the skills employers are looking for.

Key Stage 3
Year 7: Wales and Britain in the Medieval World, 1000-1500
Year 8: Wales and Britain in the Early Modern World, 1500-1750
Year 9: Wales and Britain in the Modern World, 1750-1945
Key Stage 4
Year 10: The Development of the USA, 1930-2000
Controlled Assessments: Dunkirk and the Home Front in WW2
Year 11: Germany in Transition, 1919-1947
Depression, War and Recovery in Wales and England, 1930-1951