Student Council

Role of the Student Council

The role of the student council is to represent students’ views to management, to be consulted prior to the implementation of new policies, to contribute to developing policy in the school, to be a resource working in partnership with the management of the school, to improve the school atmosphere, conditions and facilities, and to generate good relations between students, staff and management.

Structure of the Student Council

Two students will be elected from each year in the school. This means there will be 10 students, the head boy and head girl on the student council. A student council liaison teacher will assist the student council in its work.


Elections will take place in October each year. Each year will elect its representatives in a secret ballot. Each year group will elect two representatives. The students will vote for one of the nominated students and the 2 students with the most votes will represent their year on the student council.

Year 7 – 2 representatives

Year 8 – 2 representatives

Year 9 – 2 representatives

Year 10 – 2 representatives

Year 11 – 2 representatives

Head Girl Executive member

Head Boy Executive member

Term of office

The term of office is one academic year. Student Council officers The student council will appoint a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Officer. Each will normally hold office for the year.

As well as representatives from SNAG, STEM, Eco, PE and Music

For further information, please see Mrs H. Hughes