557A Talwrn to Ysgol Clywedog (Only!) School Bus Time changes

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557A Talwrn to Ysgol Clywedog (Only!) School Bus Time changes

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557A Talwrn to Ysgol Clywedog the bus times have changed

No other school bus contract has changed in any way at all

Currently the coach is not departing until 8.25am from the Bottom of the Talwrn.  Due to the volume of traffic at that time, the children are arriving in school when the school bell has already gone.  The school bus time was 8.25am many years ago when the school day was different, and school started later and finished later.  The school day now starts at 8.50am and school finishes at 3pm.

New Times

The departure time at the top of the Talwrn is 8.05am ( Five Crosses End of the Talwrn )

The Departure time at the bottom of the Talwrn is 8.15am ( By the bottoms shops )

A reminder to parents that children should be at the bus stop five minutes prior to departure time,  to board, sit down etc as the coach will depart wheels in motion 8.15am.