An enjoyable trip to Chester University

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An enjoyable trip to Chester University

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When we first got there we were surprised by how modern and technically advanced it was, We thought it would be old and rundown. We were then taken to a lecture hall and met up with other schools, the lady came and explained to us what Chester University is like. She then expanded on it by telling us the expectations, what courses you could take and the job opportunities it could open up. We were then sorted into groups and taken into separate rooms to do the activities. Our group were doing job detective work where we had to look at photos and find out what job corresponds with it.

We then went on a campus tour and saw dorms and houses for university students to live. The tour guides told us about the different types of housing arrangements there were available. Later we went to the campus library and we were shown the different aspects to the library such as the 24 hour area where you can work anytime of the day or night, the group area where you can do group work without bothering anyone and last there was a solo working area where you may go to just work by yourself to do a class project or do research. Next the tour guides showed us the sports facilities and places on campus that you can go get some lunch. Most of us were intrigued by how many different halls they had for sports because we were not really expecting it to be as big.

After we went back to the lecture room and we had to analyse a can of Coke and see what we could find that was an opinion and what was a fact. For example one of the things the can said was that it is best served chilled this is an opinion because some people may like it served warm which is unlikely but it is still an opinion not a fact.

Lastly all of the groups came in to the lecture room and were allowed to ask some of the students questions, for example about what it is like in university and what courses they are taking, just so we could get a feel of what it will/would be like if we go to university.

We enjoyed this trip to Chester University and would recommend it for people who are picking what university they want to go to because it is such a great university and we hope that people enjoy it as much as we did on our day there.

By Emily Mapfumo and Masie Lawson.