Defibrillator on site at Ysgol Clyewedog

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Defibrillator on site at Ysgol Clyewedog

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With thanks to the generosity of our fantastic staff, parents and pupils, we have  fundraised and purchased a defibrillator to house on site.

Ysgol Clywedog held a number of charity events raising funds towards the new defibrillator. It has now been installed on at the school for use at school and during the leisure centre hours in the evenings and weekends.

Headmaster, Matt Vickery says: “A big thank you to all the members of the local community who contributed to the fundraising. You never know when emergency medical equipment will need to be deployed – hopefully never. But having access to an on-site defibrillator will provide valuable time in the event it is needed, and could save a life.”

Defibrillation is a procedure used to treat life threatening conditions that affect the rhythm of the heart. The procedure involves the delivery of an electric shock to the heart to re-establish normal conduction of the heart’s electrical impulse.

The defibrillator is located in the reception of the leisure centre at the school and can be used without any training.