Learning Pathway Booklet 2020-2022 (Year 9 Options)

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Learning Pathway Booklet 2020-2022 (Year 9 Options)

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Year 9 Options Booklet 2020

Option Form – To be returned by Friday 14th February

All Year 9 students at Ysgol Clywedog have reached the point in their school life when first thoughts about further education, careers and training are beginning to take shape. 

Between now and Year 11 most students’ ideas about what subjects they enjoy, what personal attributes and talents they will require and what they might consider doing in the future will change. It is therefore very important for students to study as broad a range of subjects as possible. The next two years in a young person’s education will be crucial in terms of shaping their future whether it is in education, further training or employment. 

Our aim is to offer all of our students the chance to succeed. We hope that for all students this will mean achieving at least 5 GCSE (or equivalent) passes at grade G or above and for the vast majority of students achieving 5 GCSE (or equivalent) passes at grade C or above. Accordingly, we shall be providing support and guidance to students as they make these very important choices so that they can achieve the best grades possible in the courses most appropriate to them. 

A large part of the curriculum is compulsory for all students but there is also an element of choice. This means students can shape their own learning programme in Key Stage 4 according to their interests and future educational and career aspirations. The curriculum on offer this year is broad and balanced and provides students with academic and vocational learning pathways. This level of choice is designed to help all our students access courses according to their needs, interests and aptitudes. 

Students will be able to make up to three choices. However, it should be noted that if a subject attracts very few students, it may be withdrawn as an option. 

We think that it is vitally important that parents and students take time to discuss together the choices that are on offer and make well-informed final decisions regarding KS4 courses. Teaching staff at school will be delighted to help with any queries you or your child may have. 

We shall provide the opportunity for an interview for every student where course choices, personal strengths and career thoughts can be discussed with a member of the Leadership or Year 9 Guidance team. You are very welcome to join in this discussion, though due to the high volume of students, the meeting will have to take place during school hours.