Revision Sessions Boost Students’ Learning Techniques

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Revision Sessions Boost Students’ Learning Techniques

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Students at a Ysgol Clywedog school are benefiting from a series of study sessions designed to boost their learning and revision skills.

All year 10 and 11 students have so far taken part separately in two sessions, ‘Super Speed Study Skills’ and ‘Mind Mapping’, which have been delivered by Positively MAD, one of the country’s leading providers of student workshops.  A third session, ‘Exam Busting’, will take place in March.

Matt Vickery, headteacher, said: “We have used individual Positively MAD study sessions for a few years now and, due to the positive feedback we have had, this year we decided to introduce a structured programme of sessions for all students studying for their GCSEs.

“The three sessions we have selected will equip our students with tips and techniques to help them achieve success.  Not only are they gaining vital revision skills, they are also learning more about themselves and their own style of learning, which will help them beyond their school years.”

The students worked in groups for the ‘Super Speed Study Skills’ session, which encourages students to take control of their studying.  As well as being introduced to a variety of tried and tested study skills and techniques, students develop a greater understanding of how their brain works and how their own state of mind can influence outcomes. This helps to develop an ‘I can’ attitude which in turn motivates students to do well.

Previously, the ‘Mind Mapping’ session showed students how to better organise their thoughts through teaching them to make and take mind mapped notes.  The session aimed to boost understanding and recall as well as encourage creativity.

The final session, ‘Exam Busters’, is intended to empower students with exam preparation tips, revision tools and stress management techniques at this critical time.

Mr Vickery added: “The sessions have been very well received with lots of students commenting on how they will be using the techniques they have learnt.

“I would like to say thank you so much to Shenaz and Jay for all the work they have done in the two sessions so far this year, and we are looking forward to ‘Exam Busting’ in March.”