WorldSkills International Competition 2022 – Special Event – Half term (Free)

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WorldSkills International Competition 2022 – Special Event – Half term (Free)

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Manufacturing Team Challenge WorldSkills International Competition 2022 – Special edition

An opportunity to see excellence in engineering, with the very best young apprentices from around the globe representing their countries pitting their talents and skills against each other in this international competitions. Each team will produce their own design for a product and the manufacturing process to make it within a tight timeframe.


Coleg Cambria, Bersham Rd, Wrexham LL13 7UH


Nov 1st – Nov 3rd

5 countries competing: UK, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea and France.


The team of three (all from Wales) comprise of one an ex-Cambria student, Charlie Samson along with George Denman, Swansea University and Michael Jones, GE Aviation


The competition is to design and build a unique, innovative radio-controlled crane.

The competition has a further 9 unseen surprise elements that challenge the competitors:, CNC Milling, Manual Milling, Turning, MIG, TIG and fabrication, Electronics, Reverse engineering and additive manufacturing/3D printing. This all has to be completed to the teams own design, Manufacturing process design and schedule within a maximum of 22 working hours.

School pupils / parents + general public

Best time to visit: Tues 1st Nov – Thurs 3rd Nov: 09.00 – 16.00