Ysgol Clywedog – Curriculum for Wales Vision

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Ysgol Clywedog – Curriculum for Wales Vision

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As you may be aware a new Curriculum for Wales is being developed across the country ready for implementation over the next few years.

At Ysgol Clywedog we have already started looking at what this curriculum might look like and its purpose.
Below is a draft of our ‘vision’ for what we want our curriculum to deliver. This has already been shared for feedback from staff and students. We would like feedback from parents too.
Please feel free to make suggestions or comments from a parent’s perspective, on this draft vision document, by using the message box below.

A New Curriculum In Wales A Guide For Children Young People And Families

Ysgol Clywedog – Curriculum for Wales Draft Vision Statement

Ysgol Clywedog will deliver a curriculum which supports and develops…

Ambitious, capable learners who enjoy learning, achieve and make progress throughout their lives

The curriculum will provide a high challenge, through authentic tasks and questioning, which meets the needs of all students.

The teachers and students will be clear about  what, why and how they are learning, and be able to articulate this to others.

Students will be able to use previous skills, knowledge, understanding and experiences  to assess where they are now, and know what they need to do to make progress.

Teachers will be able to assess skills, knowledge, understanding and experiences to provide systematic feedback and adapt the curriculum as needed.

Enterprising and creative people who contribute fully to life and work

The curriculum will provide a broad range of learning activities that students can work on independently and collaboratively, using a wide range of skills.

A wide range of modelling and examples will ensure students know how to improve their own learning.

Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to Wales and the World

The curriculum will engage all students actively from the start, preparing them for independent practice supported by the teacher. This will support students to take responsibility for their own learning and their own actions.

Confident and happy individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives as a valued member of society

The learning environment will be a positive and safe community, reflecting positive and respectful relationships, where students have the confidence to share their experiences and views.

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Emily Allcroft

21st October 2021 at 2:18 pm

I think first aid should become a criticism subject in schools. Children should be taught basic life saving measures such as CPR, dealing with someone choking and recovery position. Knowing how to do basic first aid measures is a critical life skill in my opinion and should be introduced into curriculum starting from year 7, with a refresher course each year.